Do you find it hard to locate authentic Indian vegetarian food in the US? Even though you have located the place, does it still not quite match the taste back home? Jay Bharat, a company that provides authentic Indian vegetarian food catering, can be found in Artesia and San Francisco.
Jay Bharat has been providing tasty Indian vegetarian fare in the US since the past 34 years. It started when Ushaben and Nayanaben started making tasty snacks back in India, in the year 1985. Bharatbai sold these snacks to his clients of Indian descent, and that was the start of this business. As they grew, the company diversified its product portfolio to include sweets as well. Having taken over Standard Sweet and Snacks, they started offering South Indian and Punjabi specialties as dine in options.

Are you looking to organize a party or a wedding event with Indian vegetarian food? If yes, then Jay Bharat is just the company to go to, as it will meet the needs of your diverse guests. For example, Indian breads such as rotis, butter naans, garlic naans and laccha parathas will be perfect accompaniments to items like aloo gobi, jeera aloo, matar paneer, and more. Not to forget, there are numerous vegetarian desserts as well.

A diverse menu is available for those who wish to dine at their locations in Artesia or San Francisco. You can choose among lunch and dinner items, appetizers, South Indian food, sweets, snacks and drinks. In both places, the Jay Bharat restaurant has been made at convenient, yet spacious locations.
The quality of food prepared at Jay Bharat is always of the highest standard. At their prices, you will always receive the best and the most authentic food. Strict adherence to food standards ensures that each product achieves the highest level of consistency. At the same time, proper hygiene is also maintained, for the ultimate taste and subsequent customer satisfaction.

It is quite apparent why vegetarian people enjoy vegetarian dishes from India.

Different states such as Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Punjab and the others have their unique dishes, each massively or slightly different from the other. One of the best ways to try out vegetarian food while in India is to stop at dhabas along the highway. In fact, every few kilometers, the type of food often undergoes a complete change.

All over the world, you may have noticed that a dietary change towards vegetarianism is being seen. Vegetarian foods, or “Vegan” foods as they are called, are becoming popular as obesity and other lifestyle problems are taking place. There is a massive need to regulate diets around the world, and more so in USA. Naturally, Indian vegetarian foods provide some of the best alternatives that do no result in overeating.

Jay Bharat has also been featured in numerous events across the Press. The Chaat in Little India and LA’s Global Sandwich offerings are some of the articles you can read on their website. Even an account of actress Freida Pinto visiting Standard Sweets and Snacks has been featured in LA Times.

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