Thali's and Combo's

Combo: 2 Bajra (Pearl Millet) rotlas, 2 vegetable curries, 1 Kathod (lentil), Masala Khichadi (Spicy Rice), Kadhi, Jeera chhaas, dessert, raita, gur (Jaggery), garlic chutney and papad.
Combo: Rice, Dal, 2 vegetable curries, 1 Kathod (lentil), 2 appetizers, dessert, your choice of Roti or Puri, served with raita, papad and pickle.
Punjabi subzi of the day, chole, Undhiyu, rice, kadhi, choice of roti or puri, 2 appetizers, dessert, papad, raita and jeera chaas
Combo:‚Äč Rice, Dal, 2 vegetable curries, 1 Kathod, your choice of Roti or Puri served with Raita, Papad, and Pickle
Punjabi subzi of the day serve with rice, curd, raita, choice of roti and puri
Two vegetable curries served with four roties or five puries, papad &pickle
Two Bhajra (Pearl Millet) rotlas, two vegetable curries, served with Gur (Jaggery) & Garlic Chutney
Our famous mix vegetable curry served with puri.
Masala Khichadi (rice cooked in special Jay Bharat Spices) served with Kadhi
A traditional garbanzo bean curry served with puri.
Plain traditional white rice with your choice of our famous Dal or Kadhi
Puri served with one of Gujarat's most famous dessert Shrikhand (yogurt pudding)
Roti stuffed with toover dal and jaggery then grilled to perfection